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Welcome to St. Columba Alumni Association

Welcome to St. Columba Alumni Association website. This is an initiative taken by alumni of St. Columba High School - Mumbai. Our association mainly aims to create a platform for all alumni of our school irrespective of their year of joining and leaving school to come forward and reunite. We intend to revive old friends, school memories and keep in touch hereafter.


Programme organised by Noon Tide Seekers Association

икони богородицаHello Friends,

The Monsoons are finally here….. and what better way than to spend an afternoon with your old pals once again with a fun filled musical programme presented by Shabdachhal..organised on Saturday, 5th of September!!!!
As if this melodious harmony is not enough, there’s going to be irrestible, mouthwatering food to tickle your taste buds…

Come one come all to celebrate Monsoons along with your family and friends.

I am enclosing details of the Programme and request you to join alongwith your Batch mates

Since the seats are limited, seating will be done ‘ on first come first served’ basis.

So hurry up, gather your friends,and call us today!

Remember, we are just a phone call away….

Look forward to seeing you on 5th September ..

Musically yours,
( Alumni of St.Columba High School)

Suhasini Sathe

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Program Invitation



Urgent requirement for a substitute teacher

Our school urgently requires an honorary substitute teacher for this month to teach English language and Social studies (standards 5th, 6th & 7th) in English medium. Those interested may please call on the following numbers

Mrs. Rekha Joshi (Gokhle) 022 2351 2938, 098330 60114
Mrs. Vijaya Umerji (Haldipur) 022 2566 8703, 098197 87948

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An Appeal

The Noon Tide Seekers Association earnestly appeals to all the alumni to please come forward and volunteer to teach the present students of our school who need extra coaching so that they can excel in their studies and come out winners!!Help in any medium and subject will be appreciated. Extra coaching will be held on Fridays between 3:30pm to 5:30pm. Those interested may please call on the following numbers

Mrs. Rekha Joshi (Gokhle) 022 2351 2938, 098330 60114
Mrs. Vijaya Umerji (Haldipur) 022 2566 8703, 098197 87948

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The Noon Tide Seekers Association is seeking help of the alumni to enrol as volunteers for substitution in teaching in Marathi and English medium. Those interested may please contact

Mrs. Rekha Joshi (Gokhle) 022 2351 2938, 098330 60114
Mrs. Vijaya Umerji (Haldipur) 022 2566 8703, 098197 87948

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Reunion DVDs on Sale

The Noon Tide Seekers Association proudly announces the sale of DVDs of the reunion of the alumni on account of 175 years of our school. This set of 4 DVDs is priced at a nominal amount of Rs 250/- Those interested may please contact

Mrs. Daksha Kullarwar (Moye) 022 430 8641, 98207 78377
Mrs. Vidya Kabinittal (Karnad) 022 2380 4884, 098335 26099


Reunion on 6th Jan 2008 - A Report

programme began with a welcome speech by Mrs. Madhuri Kanga,the vice-chairperson of the association followed by the Lighting Of the Lamp which was done by the oldest alumni of the school Mrs. Vimla Dandavate all of 95 years and the youngest Ms. Awanti Pethe of 2007 batch thereby bringing a blend of young and the experienced. They were accompanied by the school Principal Mrs. P. Masihand our Chair person Mrs. Suhasini Sathe.

One had to see to believe the nostalgia flowing in when everbody stood up to say ‘The Rune Of St. Columba’, some with the prayer provided to them and the others without even looking at it!! It was a magical moment as the air was filled with warmth and love when the prayer was being said by all.

This was followed by Ganesh Vandana a dance recital performed by our ex-student Ms. Anjali Bhide.

After these light moments,came the highlight of the programme-the enlightening speech of our Chair person Mrs. Suhasini Sathe,explaining the formation of the association, the aims and objectivesand the future plans it promises to undertake. The Souvenir was then released by her.

The principal Mrs. Masih,also delivered a brilliant speech which kept the audience enthralled.

Felicitations of the past teachers were carried out which left the audience speechless as it was a very emotional moment for all those who witnessed this. The achievers too were honoured and we all felt proud to be St. Columbites once again!!

Short speeches by Mrs. Meena Gokhale. Mrs. Farida Lambay, Mrs. Chitra Palekar, Mrs. Saudamini Deshmukh and Mrs. Supriya Sule were inspiring and this was followed by a vocal programme by the ex-students of the school.

The Lunch break started with a schoolbell when all of them made a beeline towards the school lawn where the food was laid on various counters.There was a colourful display on the lawms as everyone made themselves comfortable with food plates in their hands squatting on the ground, sitting on the steps,or even sitting under the trees.

Post lunch was a wonderful entertainment programme by Mrs. Suchitra and Madhav Bhagwat who left the entire crowd spellbound with their magical voice!! The entire mood of the afternoon changed with their songs and esp. the “lavni” when students of all ages forgot their ages and were all out to dance!!(Even the singers shocked to see the enthusiasm and the energy levels in all of them!)

The entire function ended with a vote of thanks to all especially to Mrs. Pushpa Avarsekar of Unity Builders who was our first Donor to give a large donation and who had set the ball rolling for the other donations to come and was one of our main supporters for this event.

Tea and biscuits saw the end of that day and each one of us went home , very rich and happy in our hearts, with a lot of memories to treasure till the next re-union!!!

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On the occasion of 175 years of St. Columba School, we take great pleasure in announcing a Grand Re-union of the Alumni on Sunday, 06 January 2008 from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the school premises.

This can be a memorable event only with your whole hearted support and active participation.

This is a good opportunity to revive old memories, allowing nostalgia to flow in….

On this occasion we wish to release a Souvenir all those rare pictures, articles, poems in “Down The Memory Lanes”. “On the Lighter Side of Life” we wish to include all those puzzles, riddles, jokes, etc. which will take us back to good old school days! So let’s pick up our pens and put on the thinking caps!

It’s now time to pay back our Alma Mater and which other way, but to support and organize funds for the needy and deserving students of St. Columba!! We also plan to achieve this goal, but this can happen only with your active support. So we appeal all the well wishers to donate generously to this noble cause.

We look forward to 6th January 2008!

Let the good times roll in!!


All the matter to be published in the Souvenir (articles – not more than two sides of handwritten full cape pages, photos, etc.) to be sent to PO BOX 9442, Mumbai 400 093.

Participation charges are Rs. 500/- per head.

Membership charges are Rs. 200/-

1. Mrs. Suhasini Rajderkar Sathe, 9820137426
2. Mrs. Shabari Kalgutkar Desai, 9224624030
3. Mrs. Chitra Kulkarni Naik, 9833168530
4. Mrs. Madhuri Dalvi Kanga, 9820065635


St Columba School invites past students

St Columba School invites past students

By Sadhana (Ullal) Kamat

… The second bell has gone. We are all seated in the school hall. A prefect enters and writes a number on the blackboard — the hymn that we are going to sing. We open our prayer books… The sonorous piano notes fill the air. The choir girls in the front rows begin to sing and we all join in the chorus — “From out of a wood did a cuckoo fly — Cuckoo!”

That was 50 years ago. Our batch passed the SSCE and left St Columba School in 1957. Yet the memories are so fresh and vivid! — as if all this had happened just yesterday!

St Columba was the first girls’ school, started by Margaret Wilson in Mumbai 175 years ago. Situated on a sprawling campus in Nana Chowk, this has been a beloved alma mater to thousands of girls from middle- class families living in South Mumbai.

I had read somewhere that today’s children are missing out on three factors — space, time and closeness to nature. We as the students of St Columba enjoyed all three to our heart’s content. The school ground extended from Kashibai Navrange Road (old Alexandra Road) to Nana Chowk. We had separate courts for netball, badminton and tennis. There was an indoor arrangement in a shed for table tennis. Besides, there was plenty of open space with lots of green trees and a big rectangular piece of lawn. A simple walk through the school compound during the recess was so refreshing!

We were never tense about time. The school began at 10:10 am. So we did not have to get up early and sacrifice our sleep. In the evening, we left the school at 4:10 pm and had plenty of time to play even after completing our homework. Very rarely did we have to burn the midnight oil. There were few coaching classes and the vacations were full of leisurely activities.

And nature’s bounty! Very few schools enjoyed the richness of natural beauty as we did. Mango, jackfruit, almond, banyan, pipal, guava — all kinds of trees with thick foliage provided cool shade to the children. The lush green lawn in the centre and plants blooming with colourful flowers around was a feast for the eyes.

Every class had two divisions — “A” with Marathi as the medium of instruction and “B” with English. Yet girls from both divisions could speak, read and write both languages fluently. We got holidays for all Hindu festivals. The Christmas celebrations, of course, were special.

The principal and the staff were dedicated to their profession and were well-versed in their respective subjects. Strict discipline was maintained, and yet we enjoyed a lot of freedom. Apart from studies, various extra-curricular activities were encouraged — such as sports, dramatics, elocution, music, dance, drawing, cookery,
embroidery and dress-making. The school participated in inter-school sports, drama and dance competitions, science exhibitions and won many awards. Some of the well-known personalities in these fields today were students of St Columba. Once a year, the school brought
out a literary magazine which contained articles by students and teachers. Parents rarely visited the school in those days, so a special Parents’ Day was organised, when they could appreciate their children’s performance on stage. We also enjoyed picnics, visits to interesting places and movies too.

Many brilliant students have featured in the merit lists of SSC and University examinations and have excelled in their careers. The school is proud of them and invites them for various functions. Yet, these girls were not given separate special coaching, and the school set great store by the collective performance of the entire batch. In fact, rank holders were encouraged to coach their weaker classmates. The school has maintained its tradition and has completed its glorious 175 years.

The Old Girls’ Association (OGA) was quite active for many years and used to have meetings once a year on the school lawns. For the past few years, get-togethers were being organised by our former students residing in Pune. Next year, it has been decided to have the meet in Mumbai on the school premises on Sunday 6 January 2008, at our school premises. We invite all the past students of St Columba from everywhere to join us on this happy occasion and make it a grand success. For further information and enrollment, please click here.